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Dani Baum is an inspiring actress who never fails to amaze me every time I watch her work at my studio. Her intelligence is evident and she is extremely diverse, intense, sensitive, charming, funny and creative. Her depth is always revealed in the innovative, artistic work that she does an actress. Dani seeks the Truth every time she gets up to work, never fearing adversity or straying from the exploration of any facet in the art. Her courageousness allows her to remain open and honest, providing her with the drive to learn all that she possibly can about the process and craft of acting. She is a truly brilliant, very gifted actress.

- Susan Batson, founder of the Susan Batson Studio in New York City. Author of the book Truth. Coach/Mentor to Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Connolly, Josh Hartnett, Tom Cruise & more.

Dani Baum is a real actress with wonderful comedic ability, deep emotional availability and an old-fashioned reverence for the craft.

- Anthony Abeson, Author of the book Signaling Through the Flames. Coach/Mentor to Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Butler & more.

I've worked with Dani on three different occasions and have seen her excel at each turn. If I were to summarize why she shines so brightly as an actor I would write that she has a singularity of purpose; to be the most competent and committed actor you've ever seen. I cannot recall any other actor I've met who so unambiguously crafts her entire life around her artistic ambition. When I worked with Dani on The Orientation, she did something that I find rare... She took a character I had written and had taken it in a direction that I didn't except, all while staying beautifully true to what I had written. I remember watching and being enthralled, I certainly knew what was going to happen next, after all, I wrote the piece, and yet... with Dani at the wheel driving the car, the action on stage was fresh, in the moment, and exciting. All the more it felt effortless.

- Joshua D. Young, playwright. Past projects include Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?, The Orientation, Godzilla Vs. My Ex-Girlfriend.

Dani Baum (Sybil) and Matthew Rini (Artie) play off of each other incredibly well. Baum brings depth and gusto to her role as Sybil.

- Nora Davis, Times Square Chronicles review of Who Mourns for Bob the Goon?

Dani has a wealth of emotional life, which she harnesses with great skill and lifts into art to tell the story. She is, in short, an extremely talented actress.

- Jorge Valdés-Iga, director, writer, cinematographer. Past projects include; Hotel Chelsea, You Can't Kill Stephen King, Cocaine Cowboys ll, I Was There.

If only every director could have an actor like Dani with whom to work. She researched, she investigated, she experimented. She is innovative, open, accepting, dedicated and resourceful. I have to 
honestly say that the success of the final product was due in large part to her efforts and her amazing talent as an actress. Everything I know about Dani bespeaks her honesty, integrity, and care. Her positive outlook is infectious; impossible doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary. 

 - Sauna Trenkle, director of The Children's Hour at The Kaye Playhouse.

Dani superbly captured the role of Adia in my film. She is, and will continue to be, a great asset to any and all endeavors she chooses to take on. It was truly a pleasure working with her.

- Brendon Kingsbury, director of One Over Wanderlust (Tribeca Film Festival.)