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Hello and welcome to the blog page on DaniBaum.com. This is my very first post. Ahh! Where to begin? Well, I will start by saying that I just built this website all by myself and I am very proud of it because I am the LEAST technical person in the entire world.

Anywhoo, for those of you who don't know me, I am an actress based out of New York City. I was born here, raised here, and will most probably die here. There are times when of course, I wonder if I will "make the move out to LA," and I am sure that one day I will have a brief love affair with Paris, but New York is my home and that couldn't be more thrilling to me.

I recently graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Theatre & Creative Writing. While I was at Hunter, I had the opportunity to play Martha from Lillian Hellman's, The Children's Hour. I also worked on Alice from Patrick Marber's, Closer and Linda from John Patrick Shanley's, Savage in Limbo. These three plays mean so much to me, and I feel very fortunate that I had a chance to deeply delve into these amazing characters. In regards to my Creative Writing, I mainly focused on short fiction & poetry... My favorite work that I completed is a collection of poems that I wrote when I was a senior called, Through the Darkness. Maybe, just maybe, in future blog posts I'll share my poetry with you ;)

Currently, I am studying at The Susan Batson Studio and it is going swimmingly! In fact, I wish I started this blog at the beginning of my journey at the SBS because it's really been quite the journey and I feel very sorry that I didn't start documenting it from the very beginning, but it's okay :) Here I am now! I started in June, and these past 3 and a half months at the studio have been the most exciting, challenging and gratifying months of my life. I went through all the personal exercises rather quickly, and I am now in character work... AND GUESS WHAT I'M DOING?? Only the most exciting thing ever. I am working on the great JANIS JOPLIN and writing a one-woman show about her life. I am roughly 9 weeks into the process, and just the most amazing things keep happening... Plus, I am taking vocal lessons and finally learning to sing... Something I've always wanted to do.

For now, I am mainly going to use this blog to talk about my process as I go further into Janis... Below is the first and only picture I have so far of myself in character. Pretty groovy, huh, mannn?

Well, that's all I am going to say for now. Thanks for stopping by :)

Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter! @iamdanibaum

 xxx, Dani.

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