I'm an actress, writer & producer based in wonderful New York City. Meet me.

I started 660 STUDIOS NYC, where actors professionally tape auditions, monologues & slates.

4/17 | Network TV debut! Tune into Bull on CBS on Tuesday 4/24 and look out for me!

3/17 | New agent! I am excited to share that I am working with Stefanie Field of Stefanie Talent & Entertainment.

2/17 | Booked it! I will be shooting an episode of BULL on CBS later this month!

1/17 | I played the role of 'Agent Brown' in The Red Lotus, a short film that shot in Mystic, Connecticut directed by Jessica Green. I am also excited to share that I am working with manager Abby Finer of Finer Entertainment Company.

12/17 | Took a workshop with Emmy Award Winning Casting Director, Ross Meyerson and shot a comedic sketch for a new project called GreenOddities

11/16 | Shot new headshots with the amazing Luke Fontana!

10/16 | Went on a soul-searching journey with my father & brother to Ukraine in search of my granparents' childhood homes. We flew in to Kiev and drove through Europe for 18 days, ending up in Berlin, Germany... It was incredible!

9/16 | Booked it! I will be playing the role of 'Allison' in Office Party, a short film written by Paul West and directed by Clyde Baldo

8/16 | Currently in Chicago taking Improv classes at The Second City, seeing everything that's up at Steppenwolf, and eating ALLLLL the food I can. #ILoveChicago

7/16 | Film Fest Bound! A short film I acted in is film festival bound! Between Lives written by Harry Chambarry and directed by Harry O'Reilly has been accepted into the NYC Indie Film Awards! More festival news coming soon... Stay tuned!

6/16 | New Rep! Excited to share that I am now repped by BOLD ARTIST MANAGEMENT. BOLD has offices in the US, UK, AUS & NZ... Hello Worlddd! :)

5/16 | Booked it! I will be playing the role of 'Anna' in Between Lives, a short film written by Harry Chambarry and directed by Harry O'Reilly. I stage-managed Stars in the Alley, a Broadway concert! It was a beautiful afternoon spent with Every. Single. Company. On. Broadway! Best crowd in town!

4/16 | I directed a reading of Anton Chekhov's, Three Sisters hosted by FAFTA. What a wonderful cast we had... I could work on Chekhov all day, everyday!

3/16 | I played the role of Nina in a reading of Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner hosted by FAFTA. I attended the screening of Mrs. Feinstein, a short film I directed in February. I was honored to be a part of the Q&A alongside of 2 other female directors.

2/16 | Soap Story, a new play I was in closed on 2/7 after a successful, sold-out run! I took Larry Moss' Master Scene Study Workshop for the 5th time and played Nina from Stupid Fucking Bird by Aaron Posner. I am directing a short film called Mrs. Feinstein written and produced by Rachel Cora Wood. I am prepping for a reading of Stupid Fucking Bird directed by Melissa F. Moschitto. February Newsletter Here.

1/16 | Booked it! I am working on a SAG commercial with some pretty cool artists! More details soon. Also, 660 STUDIOS NYC is open for business! Actors- If you need to tape an audition, monologue or slate, book a session with us! January Newsletter Here.

12/15 | Booked it! I will be playing Chantal in a new play called Soap Story written by Dave Carley and directed by Joseph Giardina at The Gloria Maddox Theatre in Chelsea. December Newsletter Here.

11/15 | A few things that I have been up to: November Newsletter.

10/15 | Played Sybil in Joshua Young's new play, Who Mourns for Bob the Goon? directed by Lu Bellini at Dixon Place Theatre. 

9/15 | Booked it! I will be playing Sybil in a new play called Who Mourns for Bob the Goon? written by Joshua Young and directed by Lu Bellini at Dixon Place Theatre.

8/15 | Taking Improv/Sketch workshops at The Second City in Chicago.  

7/15 | In Chicago: Auditioning, seeing lots of plays, attending lots of readings, exploring the city and eating ALL the yummy food!   

4/15 | Sharpening my Commercial/Animation Voice-Over skills with Anna Garduno of VoiceForward.com  

3/15 | Played Benji in Joshua Young's new play, The Orientation, directed by Lu Bellini at Manhattan Rep.  

2/15 | Booked it! I will be playing the role of Benji in Joshua Young's new play, The Orientation. I also took Larry Moss' master scene study intensive (fourth time!) and played Vanda from Venus In Fur by David Ives. 

12/14 | Produced a reading of Anton Chekhov's, Three Sisters and played the role of Masha.

11/14 | New on-camera acting reel! Check it out!

10/14 | Took Beyond Presence: The Key to the Standout Audtion workshop with casting director Randi Glass of Susan Shopmaker Casting and performance specialist/acting coach Kristin Tanzer.

9/14 | Took a Master Filmmaking class with Sean Durkin, Josh Mond & Antonio Campos of Borderline Films (the guys behind Martha Marcy May Marlene, Simon Killer, Afterschool and Mary Last Seen)

8/14 | Flew out to LA and shot "I Am Will Ferrel." A comedic sketch on Funny or Die starring Fred Willard, David Hasselhoff and Alet Taylor! 

7/14 | Booked it! I will be playing Fred Willard's stylish & snarky assistant in a new comedic sketch for Funny or Die!   

5/14 | Back at The Susan Batson Studio working with Susan on some new characters including Lady Macbeth! Come, thick night!  

4/14 | New headshots! Check them out!

3/14 | Took Larry Moss' Master Scene Study Intensive (third time!) Played Brenda from John Patrick Shanley's, Four Dogs and a Bone.

2/14 | Screened two short films that I produced, directed, co-wrote and acted in, Cupcakes and The Ring. 

1/14 | Completed my Commercial Voice-Over Demo- Listen to it here on Vimeo.com!

12/13 | Shot three short films, Cupcakes and The Ring, which I produced/directed and Stepping Back produced/directed by Christina Segura.

11/13 | Shot HEARTSTRUCK, a short film directed by Daniel Waltzer.

10/13 | Booked it! I will be playing Rose in Daniel Waltzer's short film, HEARTSTRUCK. I also took Christopher Bayes' famous Clown workshop after being inspired by his awesome Commedia dell'arte workshop which I took last November.

9/13 | Auditioned for acting coach Anthony Abeson & joined his bi-weekly class.

7/13 | Played Nina from Anton Chekhov's, The Seagull. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see the show!

6/13 | Producing The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, and playing the beautiful role of Nina. 

5/13 | Currently casting Anton Chekhov's, The Seagull. 

4/13 | Took an Alexander Technique workshop with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad.

3/13 | Going into production on Anton Chekhov's, The Seagull.

2/13 | Took Master Scene Study workshop with the incredible Larry Moss (second time!) I played Vivie from Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw.

1/13 | Played 'Dana' in RINGMASTER, an original play.

12/12 | Filmed two sketch comedy videos this month with BearTrap Productions! Stay tuned for the release on YouTube!

11/12 | Booked it! I will be playing Dana in RINGMASTER (part of the Frigid Festival in 2013) I also took a Commedia intensive with the awesome Christopher Bayes.

10/12 | Insightful interview with Casting Director David Cady & some thoughts on paying a visit to 96 year old scientist Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project... My October Newsletter is here.

9/12 | Surfing, working on Eugene O'Neill's Anna Christie with the amazing Larry Moss & Broadway on Broadway... September Newsletter here.

8/12 | Keith Haring, Don Peyote & the most delicious thing I have ever seen... August Newsletter here.

7/12 | Wondering what you should have for dinner tonight? No problem! I got that covered in my July newsletter here.

5/12 | Organized a screening of The Paper House Report directed by Nicole Cimino at Work In Progress in SoHo, New York City.

4/12 | Completed shooting a short film titled Rain Today directed by Brendon Kingsbury (One Over Wanderlust, Tribeca Film Festival)

3/12 | Booked it! I will be playing Adia in Brendon Kingsbury's short film called Rain Today. I also started a new production company based in NYC called Actresses As Allies.

2/12 |  Got my SAG-AFTRA card! Wooohooo!

1/12 | Working on four wonderful characters: Nina from Chekov's, The Seagull, Alma from Williams', Summer and Smoke, Rosalind from Shakespeare's, As You Like It, Julia from Shakespeare's, The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

11/11 | Made my singing debut as Janis Joplin!

10/11 | Featured on StyleCaster: Check it out! BlackBook Magazine liked the story so much, they syndicated it: You can find that here.

9/11 | In the process of writing a screenplay based on the life & times of the great Janis Joplin.