I'm an actress, writer & producer based in wonderful New York City. Meet me.

I started 660 STUDIOS NYC, where actors professionally tape auditions, monologues & slates.


If there is something you love that I should add onto my list, email me through my contact page and let me know. Feel free to check back frequently, as I add new things.

PS- I do not get any "kick-backs" from any of these people. I simply recommend them because they deserve to be recommended.


LARRY MOSS for master scene study intensive... Larry is always on the run but his 4 day Master Scene Study Intensives are not to be missed! They are the ultimate for actors looking to work on THE BEST PLAYS ever written. If you can't get a spot in the workshop as a working actor, then come to audit! I can not recommend Larry enough.

JOHN DAPOLITO for a professional level, on-going, master scene study class... I recommend John's Tuesday night class if you want to work on a lot of different characters, from a lot of different plays, and if you want to move fast. I think this class is perfect for actors who already have done their fundamental training elsewhere and who are ready to only work on scenes. The class meets every Tuesday night from 7:00-11:00 PM in New York City... If you would like to join, the pre-req is taking John's Acting Niche seminar... Which is awesome... More info about that below. Look under my "Career Coaching" section on this page.

ANTHONY ABESON for doing work that gets work... Anthony is fantastic and the perfect coach to see if you have a big audition, especially for Film & TV. His keen eye and instincts will take your audition from satisfactory to extraordinary. He also has a great handle on the reality of the industry. In addition to private coaching, he also offers classes.

SUSAN BATSON for opening up your instrument... I recommend Susan specifically for "opening your instrument" and "finding/stepping into your artist." Her 6 step method class called DYOM will help you step into your greatness and access your power, not only as an actor, but as a human. Attend when Susan is in NYC, or take class with CLOE XHAUFLAIRE, another incredible teacher at the studio who I highly recommend!

BOB KRAKOWER for on-camera technique... Everyone I know in the biz swears by this man for on-camera technique. I have not yet done it myself, but it's on the absolute top of my list.

DAVID CADY for commercial technique... If you've always wanted to get into the world of commercials then David Cady's class is for you. David is a very busy casting director at Donna DeSeta casting. They cast tons of commercials and so, David really knows what he is talking about!

ANNA GARDUNO for voice-over technique... And, if you've always wanted to get into the world of voice-overs then I recommend contacting Anna Garduno. She has been working in the voice-over world herself for at least 20 years. Not only does she teach you technique, but she also teaches you how to book work. She also makes wonderful custom demo reels... Commercial, Animation and Promotional. Anna was nominated top 5 Best Voice-Over teachers in NYC by BackStage.

JESSICA SANTASCOY for Alexander Technique... Some of you may have heard of the Alexander Technique, and some of you may not have... I guess it's bit more obscure when it comes to training yourself as as actor. But it truly is invaluable! Check out Jessica's site for a more detailed description of this wonderful technique. I love Jessica and go to her myself weekly.

RACHEL KENNEY for dialect coaching... I went to Rachel when I was working on Vanda from Venus In Fur and had to learn a Mid-Atlantic dialect. I loved working with her. She teaches tons of dialects and is a working actress herself. Also, she has a very reasonable hourly rate for actors. 

CHRISTOPHER BAYES for clown or commedia... A good clown workshop is hard to find. When you feel the need to get your funny on, I recommend checking out Chris Bayes' highly acclaimed clown class... He also teaches commedia...


ACTOR'S ACCESS... If you're an actor but are not on Actor's Access, then you really need to get on that. For the best results, submit yourself for projects daily. They have union & non-union work for Film, TV, Theatre & Commercials.

BACKSTAGE... If the job isn't listed on Actor's Access, the next stop is Backstage. In my opinion, you should have accurate, updated profiles on both, and check both daily. Backstage also hosts union & non-union work for Film, TV, Theatre & Commercials.

EQUITY CASTING CALLS... Check out when you can attend EPA's on Equity's Casting Call page. You should especially look into this if you sing + dance because the majority of listed calls are for chorus. Of course, the occasional straight play does come up from time to time.

PLAYBILL... I personally like Actor's Access + Backstage a bit more, but Playbill.com does list many auditions. I have friends who use it- They like it and have had success. I think less actors use it, and therefore it isn't as "crowded" as Actor's Access.

NOTE... These sites become a bit more difficult to use after you join SAG-AFTRA and AEA. There is definitely way more non-union work on the sites.


CASTING ABOUT... The best resource to see who's casting what. A must if you really want to be on top of what projects are happening now.

ACTOR GENIE... A great app for your smart-phone, Actor Genie is similar to Casting About but always in your pocket in convenient app format.

IMDB PRO... I have found my IMDb Pro account to be so useful and have used it for many purposes- Mainly to figure out everyone who is attached to a particular project from the actors to the producers. It's a great resource for understanding who is who, and how everyone is connected to each other. 


ONE ON ONE... One on One is a great place to meet the industry in NYC. I believe they are the only "actor networking" facility that auditions the actors first- Meaning they (most likely) host the highest level of talent.

THE ACTOR'S GREEN ROOM... My go-to used to be One on One, but AGR is giving them a serious run for their money. I really love how involved AGR-Founder Jen Rudolph is. She makes herself very accessible and gives ton of pertinent career advice in her super popular Facebook Group called The Green Lounge, which you should request to join... The info being exchanged is invaluable.

NOTE... There are a few other places that offer similar services... I don't personally go to them, but feel free to do your own research. They are called: Actors Connection, Paul Michael's The Network, The Network Studio East... There may be even more, but these are the ones I keep hearing about most often from other actors...


ACTOR SALON... A 'salon' style group that meets weekly in either NYC or LA... Each group is limited to only 9 actors. Everyone gets personal time that is tailored to them. You leave each week with a specific list of business-related-tasks to accomplish that keeps you in alignment with your specific goals. If you are new to NYC or LA, I recommend this because it will help you acclimate MUCH faster.

DALLAS TRAVERS... Dallas' book, The Tao of Show Business: How to Pursue Your Dreams Without Losing Your Mind, was a helpful read. Dallas offers specific programs (example: The Blueprint, The Breakthrough, TAC, Rep Race, Other Dream Job, etc) to help you reach your specific goals.

JOHN DAPILITO'S ACTING NICHE... This one is a bit harder for me to explain in just a few sentences so definitely check out John's site... But basically, as actor's we all want to transform and play many different kinds of roles, right? Right! However, innately, for whatever reason, we are all extra good at doing this one kind of thing that is special to us... John helps you uncover what your thing is... Once you know what your thing is, you learn to say it in a concise way... This can help your agents and managers understand how to better submit you for certain kinds of roles... It can help you understand the kind of work that will really make you shine... Because it's your special thing! Meaning, no other actor will do that thing better than you can. On a personal note, I did have a sense of what mine was, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it and I could not put it into words... I found the process of how we got to the answer fascinating, and I do think it's a very valuable thing to know and understand about yourself.


660 STUDIOS NYC: Created for my fellow actors by me... 660 STUDIOS NYC is where actors professionally tape auditions, monologues & slates. I shoot with a Canon DSLR camera, professional studio lighting, sound & blue screen. $40 an hour includes on-camera coaching, taping, playback, editing & upload in a relaxing environment. Flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule. I tape 7 days a week. A/B/C/D trains to 145th Street (2 stops from 59th Street/Columbus Circle) Refer a new client and receive 25% off your next visit. Direct email: Dani@660StudiosNYC.com / Direct GoogleVoice: 646.450.0595. Find 660 STUDIOS NYC on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

JENNY JOSLIN... My friend Jenny offers her taping services by word or mouth/referral only, so say that you found this info on my website. She will help you create a beautiful audition tape. She has top of the line equipment and beautiful natural light. She is very easy to work with and her hourly rate is affordable.


THE SAG FOUNDATION... If you're a member of SAG-AFTRA or AEA, you have to sign up as a member for The SAG Foundation! They have such great events... And guess what? They are all free!

NAKED ANGELS TUESDAYS @9 READING SERIES... Every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM at Theatre 80 in the East Village. If you would like to be cast as an actor and participate in the reading, come at 8:30 PM... If you just want to watch, come at 9:00 PM. It's that simple! Readings include works from new plays, screenplays, songs and as well as one-person shows. Run by Andrea & Joe.

ENSEMBLE STUDIO THEATRE FIRST BREW: The Brew meets every Second Sunday of the month at 8:30 PM... If you want to be cast as an actor to participate, I think you get there at 8:00 PM... Bring some drinks or snacks! Run by Lou, Kelli Lynn & Dawn.

NOTE... I would especially like to add more networking ideas/places to my site... But only if the environment is authentic and professional. If you know of any great places, please let me know and I will add them!


THE DRAMA BOOK SHOP... Mecca for Actors. I think it's funny to include TDBS on my list because I always assume EVERY ACTOR knows about this place, but the other day, I met an actor who didn't (!!!) TDBS is where you go to read + buy plays & other things related to the craft.

THEATRE CIRCLE... In the astonishing event TDBS doesn't have the play you are looking for in stock, have no fear, walk around the corner to Theatre Circle. Yes, from the front it seems like a souvenir shop, but they have a special section in the back just for plays!

THE NEW YORK LIBRARY FOR PERFORMING ARTS... If you're broke and can't afford to buy every play, or if you just want to save the trees, then you can visit the NYPL. Get a library card and borrow what you need. My fav thing is The TOFT Archive where you can watch videos of previous productions!

And if you can't find it in the city, there's always Amazon... But make an effort to give your money to the small, local businesses first. Support a family, not a corporation! There's my 2 cents. xx